A Regular Maintenance Schedule Helps Keep Your Subaru Up to Specs

Let Our Bremerton, WA Service Center Help Set You Up

Travels around the Bremerton area, whether they're your daily commute, that long-planned road trip, or an excursion off-grid, can bring with them diverse stretches of road and trail as well as rough weather. You've already likely found yourself naturally adjusting your driving habits to compensate. That can rack up wear and tear no matter how durable, capable, and safe your Subie's built.

But it's also why your Subaru owner's manual contains a maintenance schedule or two for its many components and systems. You'll find each of them complete with both the kind of auto repair and upkeep you need and when it's suggested you get it. What's more, staying on top of recommended Subaru service intervals can make a world of difference, from keeping your car or SUV a reliable performer to helping maintain its value over time. But most of all, it's the ideal way to help make sure you remain safe down the many roads of your Subaru ownership.

Car repair and service requirements can vary, both by part and by time-frame. But it's a good idea to keep an eye on a few things regularly, such as indicator lights, headlights, your tires' condition, windshield washer fluid, and your level of engine oil. Every few months, have your Subaru battery, transmission fluid, belt and hose setup, and exhaust system looked at, among others, with elements like cabling, chassis lubricant, and power steering fluid getting a review afterward. Ditto for coolant levels, steering, suspension system, and wheel alignment.

But regardless of what your auto service needs may be, when it comes to figuring out the proper routine and sticking to it, you can count on more than just your manual. Peninsula Subaru is here to help. Feel free to get in touch with our certified technicians should you have a question or concern, and we'll be happy to address it. You can even pen yourself in for a service appointment right here on the Web, whether you're exploring your options from here in Bremerton or points nearby. When it's time for an in-person consult, you're welcome to swing by our 3888 W. State Highway 16 showroom, too. We're looking forward to helping keep you and your Subaru on course!