Learn More About Each Subaru Model Through Consumer Reports

You might hear Consumer Reports mentioned through vehicle advertisements on television or the internet as this nonprofit organization helps provide unbiased insight into the safety and performance of certain products. Since 1936, Consumer Reports, or CR for short, has assessed the reliability of all different automotive brands, including Subaru.

Here at Peninsula Subaru, we want to offer our customers throughout Kitsap Peninsula the right information on the cars they want to know about from a reliable and unbiased source. Stay up to date with the latest on Subaru products and services from Consumer Reports here at Peninsula Subaru. Shoppers will find our new Subaru inventory in Bremerton and less than 10 minutes away from Port Orchard.

Brand Report Cards

Each year, CR puts out rankings of the brand's cars on the market today through their annual report card. CR tests vehicles from each brand in a road test and evaluates their reliability, in the short and long-run. Subaru tends to top this list and often remains consistent as one of the top 15 brands chosen for these Brand Report Cards by Consumer Reports.

New Car Profiles

Want to learn more about that special new Subaru you have your eyes on? Consumer Reports can help you out, with an unbiased look at what each new car from our brand has to offer. In these profiles, new cars receive an evaluation based on factors like consumer satisfaction, reliability, price, fuel economy, and a road test score. It stands as no surprise that all of our current new Subaru models rank high in overall scoring, with most earning a specific checkmark certifying they come "recommended" by Consumer Reports.

Car Brand Reliability

Consumer Reports' reliability ranking chart works similarly to the brand report card, except only one category gets tested: reliability. Each of the vehicles in each brand's lineup gets tested and ranked within that brand for the most and least reliable scores. While each brand has a cumulative score, which shows how they rank among other brands, Silverdale customers may find it interesting to see the most and least reliable cars among specific brands. Currently, Consumer Reports list the Subaru Crosstrek as the most reliable new Subaru.

Top Ten Picks of the Year

Another Consumer Reports evaluation where the Subaru brand tends to shine falls in their top 10 picks for each year. This past year, many SUV models like the debuting Subaru Ascent made this top 10 list, which evaluates overall reliability, fuel economy, and owner satisfaction. If you want to learn more about the top picks for the year, so you can decide which new Subaru you like best, we highly recommend Kitsap County customers check CR's Top Ten Picks.

Best New Vehicles Under $30,000

Shoppers of Bainbridge Island looking to save should consider Consumer Reports' list of Best New Vehicles Under $30,000, upon which many new Subaru models tend to fall. Whether you want to enjoy a subcompact car, midsize car, compact SUV, or wagon, the Subaru brand offers models that encompass these categories and more. As you check out the best new vehicles under $30,000, you will notice how new Subaru models show up under a variety of categories, with the Outback as a great example of a leader among the outdoor wagon segment.

Explore More Consumer Reports

Our Consumer Reports page at Peninsula Subaru enables Washington customers to get unbiased facts from a dependable source, with data, videos, and greater visual aids guiding your way! We invite you to learn more about our best new Subaru models from Consumer Reports, then to come test drive one here at Peninsula Subaru. We offer many great ways for shoppers of the Kitsap Peninsula to save on their next new Subaru, and we provide all the information customers need, just a few clicks away! Schedule a test drive and visit Peninsula Subaru today at 3888 W. State Highway 16 in Bremerton, WA.

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