Peninsula Subaru is proud to be associated with an automaker that takes its role in the Silverdale community seriously and goes beyond ensuring that you have the opportunity to purchase safe and affordable vehicles. Since 1984, the Subaru of America Foundation has provided the community with unprecedented support in areas that have been beneficial for their home and work life.

To date, the foundation has awarded grants, scholarships, and gifts to employees that have amounted to more than $9 million. And last year, the Subaru of America Foundation awarded over $1.2 million alone, which went towards helping more than 80 organizations throughout the United States.

The Subaru of America Foundation has an empowering mission for supporting children and young adults to help create a new generation of leaders within the community, who can strive to live up to their true potential. Through programs such as education, work readiness, and employment training, the foundation has made a remarkable difference by investing in organizations that are already serving the communities in profound ways. Love Promise, which is an integral part of the foundations’ corporate responsibility efforts, has provided a leading example for organizations to make tangible and long-lasting differences within the communities they serve.

Love Promise is committed to other extraordinary efforts by working with a diverse range of organizations that involve the following important issues:

  • Clean Environment and Earth
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Hunger Programs
  • Expanding Learning Opportunities
  • Safe Animal Treatment

Another great way that the Subaru of America Foundation has made a big impact on the community is with its participation in volunteering. You may have even seen a community event in Bremerton or anywhere throughout Bainbridge Island, that Subaru was involved in. The foundation participated in 165 volunteer events in 2018 and completed over 7,400 hours while partnering with 120 organizations. Subaru believes that giving back is a way to help those in the community live healthier and happier lives and has made a tremendous difference with volunteering efforts.

To learn more about the Subaru of America Foundation and upcoming events, contact Peninsula Subaru in the Port Orchard and the Kitsap Peninsula and we'll provide you with further details and the necessary information.

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