Subaru continues to show its commitment for pets every October during the Subaru Loves Pets month, dedicated to the well being and protection of animals across the country. Subaru partners with organizations both locally and nationally, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), working together to help find homes for around 3.3 million dogs that enter shelters annually. This is also the first year that Subaru established the National Make A Dog’s Day on October 22 in which Subaru dealerships all over the country work to help find forever homes for the hardest to adopt shelter dogs in the area. Also on this day, Subaru encourages dog lovers and owners everywhere to do something special for their favorite furry family members.

For those who own pets, you know how unconditional their love is, and it’s important that all pets are able to receive that love in return. Across the country, around 6.5 million animals enter shelters. Subaru is committed to keeping those animals that are in the shelter safe, healthy and happy, with the goal of helping all of them find a forever home. During the Subaru Loves Pets initiative, Subaru dealerships all over the country collect new pet supplies to donate to local animal organizations, providing shelter supply kits that will help keep a shelter animal happy and comfortable during their stay at the shelter.

With the help of organizations like the ASPCA, Center for Pet Safety and the assistance of you, we can help more shelter animals find forever homes. We want to thank those of you around Bremerton, Silverdale and Bainbridge Island who helped with donations and adoptions this year and let them know how special their commitment is to us at Peninsula Subaru.

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