Here at Peninsula Subaru Bremerton, Summer Service and Parts Are Here for You

Summer has just about arrived here at Peninsula Subaru Bremerton. With the warmer months on their way, get ready for the upcoming Subaru Summer Service Event at Peninsula Subaru Bremerton. You want as many miles as you can get this summer, correct? If so, you know that visiting our service station for all your summer needs is of the utmost importance.

When you get here, be sure to:

  • Ask us about Summer Specific Tires- So we can assure you have the proper inflation and tread to maximize fuel economy and performance
  • Test Your Battery- As summer approaches, the extra heat can take a toll on your battery
  • Perform A/C Cleanser and Refresher Service- Staying cool this summer is of exceptional importance. Let us clean your vents, recharge your refrigerant, and inspect leaks
  • Coolant and Oil- Coolant and oil are some of the best things you can do for your engine. We can replace fluids and make sure everything is at the proper condition to ensure the ultimate longevity of your Subaru this summer
  • Check your Wipers and Lights- To make sure you always have proper visibility
  • Inspect and Repair Your Brakes- For timely stops and enhanced safety, your brakes can be serviced by our technicians for optimal performance

Port Orchard and Kitsap Peninsula drivers have every chance to take their Subaru to new heights this summer here at Peninsula Subaru Bremerton.

We provide auto repair on just about anything, especially Subaru. Our expertise is unmatched, as we deliver the repair drivers need to have confidence in their drives from Bainbridge Island to Silverdale. At your earliest convenience, take your Subaru Forester, Subaru Impreza, or Subaru Outback in this summer for premier service at competitive prices.

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