Subaru Motorsports USA Drivers Top the Podium at the Oregon Trail Rally

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Oregon Trail Rally 2019

Every year, the American Rally Association holds the Oregon Trail Rally at the Portland International Raceway. Travis Pastrana and David Higgins, both driving their WRX STI's, led the track and ended up claiming the top two spots in the race.

Pastrana, debuting in Rally for 2019 at this race, led the race early on, but was overtaken by Higgins in the end. There were a pair of trials the first night on Friday that left Pastrana and Higgins separated by just a tenth of a second. After an unfortunate accident where Higgins clipped a rock and punctured a tire, Pastrana led him by 12.7 seconds. That lead didn't last long once Saturdays events went underway, and Higgins made a comeback to take the top spot by the end of the event.

These two powerhouse WRX STI drivers led the competition by nearly two minutes, easily winning the first and second podium spots at the Oregon Trail Rally.


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