Subaru’s Lasting Popularity Across the North East and North West

Here at Peninsula Subaru, we know that it is one thing for us to talk about the popularity of our vehicles, but it is another for others to notice it as well. Well, that’s what’s been happening across several US States.

According to, “There are enduring stereotypes about certain automakers and the people who buy their products… And if you drive a Subaru, you’re probably from New England of the Pacific Northwest. It’s an image that has hung with Subaru for decades—the practical car of choice for earthy, outdoorsy, environmentally-conscious types.” Beginning in the 1970s, the people of these regions have stuck with our reliable, family-friendly, and long-lasting vehicles, and we can’t say we blame them for doing so.

Now, if you would like to understand why our vehicles have stayed in the hearts and minds of American drivers for over 40 years, visit our dealership today and test drive one of our Subaru vehicles for yourself. We proudly serve the drivers of the Kitsap Peninsula as well as the drivers of Silverdale, Bainbridge Island, and Bremerton. If you have any questions regarding our current inventory of new and used Subaru vehicles, please feel free to contact us directly either by email or over the phone for more information.

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