Subaru’s Favorite Canine Family is Back

”The Barkleys” are the Subaru-driving, golden retriever family that have been featured on several past Subaru commercials. The dogs are back with four new ad spots that have been appealing to people all across the United States. It’s tough not to enjoy the commercials as the undeniably cute dogs get into some whacky, Subaru-centric situations, often interacting with a host of other canines. These are some of our favorite car ads in recent memory, so if you haven’t seen them check out the video above and get ready for some cute animals.

In a statement to Automotive News, a Subaru representative noted that the dogs are performing so well because Subaru isn’t “overselling them.” It’s just a cute situation that makes for a fun, inobtrusive ad; some other companies should take note. The ad spot doesn’t get too aggressive with promoting a product, instead the dogs are front and center and a gentle reminder in the form of a Subaru logo appears at the end.

The future of the campaign relies on teaming with content generating websites like Buzzfeed and Funny or Die to create more spots that will underpin a #MakeADogsDay campaign. At Peninsula Subaru, we can’t wait to see what directions the next rounds of these ads go in; we’re quickly learning that there aren’t many videos of dogs driving cars to tide us over in between Subaru ads.

We’re not sure how indebted Subaru’s recent success is to these commercials, but the brand has excelled this last calendar year, extending their winning streak of record U.S. performance with sales totaling 647,956 vehicles, a large increase from the previous year.

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