High Praise from Consumer Reports


With Consumer Reports' dedication to unbiased product testing, consumer-oriented research, and public education as a non-profit organization, you can trust that they have consumers' best interest in mind. When it comes to them reviewing past and current Subaru models, it's clear that Subaru is held in high esteem.

See what Consumer Reports has to say about Subaru, and see for yourself why so many choose Subaru as their trusted brand.


What makes Subaru a great choice? Consumer Reports summarizes Subaru as a producer of "unpretentious, practical, and affordable all-wheel-drive cars," which is why you have likely seen so many Subaru models used a family's reliable workhorse. The testing of Subarus shows that they objectively offer "roomy interiors, easy access, great visibility, intuitive controls, good fuel economy, and a comfortable ride."

The review of the current lineup reflects Subaru's history of being a reliable brand for durable vehicles. Consumer Reports has studied Subaru over the years and found that "Subaru models have fared well in our owner satisfaction and reliability surveys." This goes to show that Subaru's rugged aesthetic isn't just for show but in fact, echoes its models' reliable design and features.


Consumer Reports also points to the EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology as a standout feature of the latest Subaru lineup. EyeSight® has been becoming more and more available on recent models and offers a high degree of safety and assurance.

Consumer Reports describes EyeSight® as a "suite of high-tech safety features," and mentions that Subaru has six cars and SUVs on the IIHS's list of vehicles with top safety marks. With Subaru's top-notch safety equipment, it's clear that it places safety as a top priority.


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